Ideal System New Tiles Collection 2019

Ideal System Litokol K 50


Our beloved 3D character has its debut in the live shooting commercial.

Animation for


Ideal System, the leading building material seller in Armenia, every single time suggests something new to their customers. This time it was the new enhanced cement LITOKOL K50 and, as a long-term partner, Domino Production was asked to advertise this product. The product is produced by a famous Italian brand LITOKOL.
Our creative scriptwriters team decided to give a chance to our beloved 3D character Sensei Shpakli to play its first role in the commercial. And we think the trial succeed. The real and live character of the commercial was looking for the best enhanced cement and could make a decision after the cartoon character advise.

Mixing live shooting with
cartoon made the video

funny and friendly

Production Director:  Ashot Arakelyan
Director: Serob Avagyan
DOP: Artur Ustyan
3D Animation, VFX: Rafik Gevorgyan
Editing: Serob Avagyan
Scriptwriter:  Telman Arakelyan
Production Assistant: Nickolay Hovhannisyan
Project Coordinator: Siran Khachatryan

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Director: Serob Avagyan
DOP: Artur Ustyan
3D Animation, VFX:  Rafik Gevorgyan
Scriptwriter:  Serob Avagyan
Production Director:  Ashot Arakelyan
Project Coordinator: Nickolay Hovhannisyan


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