Julia Boutros Concert 2018


Domino Production’s unique led screen animations accompanied Julia Boutros soulful performances

Led Screen Animation 

Together with Visuwalls, we were commissioned to produce visual content for legendary Lebanese singer Julia Boutros long-awaited comeback concert in Tyre, Lebanon. Taking into account the peculiarity of the concert, the show also needed a special approach. The repertoire included songs of various themes and mood;- starting from patriotic to the love songs.
We used different animation tools and techniques to create the desired content – illustrations, pencil animation, pop-art drawing animation etc. One of the most complicated elements of the show was the animation of hand-drawn pencil animation of military march of soldier legs overshooting all the problems and obstacles along the road to victory. It was the key performance of the concert and the symbol of the victory.

Layer 22
Layer 23
Layer 24
Layer 25
Yet another outstanding achievement for our portfolio


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