technical characteristics

  • Rotalux strip softboxes are great for product photography,
  • especially bottles and other round reflectives items.
  • They can also be used for ¾ length portraits and also widely
  • used to light backgrounds where the length
  • helps avoid fall-off from top to bottom.
  • The easy mounting Rotalux system is probably
  • the most widely copied of all Softbox systems.
  • However, it is easier to copy a design than a quality
  • and they remain the best units in their class.
  • They are lightweight and unlike many other softboxes,
  • fold down just like an umbrella and can be easily stored
  • in the included carrying bag. The quality of
  • light is outstanding because of their construction
  • and the internal diffuser provides the softest
  • and most even light possible.
  • The optional deflector set takes advantage of the unique
  • Elinchrom central shaft to modify the softness /
  • hardness and colour like no other softbox system


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